Pool Design and Landscaping

The team at Conzept has designed many pools for many clients all over NSW over the past decade or more. Our pool design is typically client driven and site specific, with consideration given to creating a practical, beautiful and essentially creative design which meets the brief, budgets and function while capitalizing on the opportunities the site has to offer.

We can work with your selected pool builder, or assist in preparing a full independent DA package for Council Approval which may be tendered to a number of pool builders for competitive pricing.

Pool Landscaping Ideas

Pool Shape & Size

The shape of a new pool is typically site specific, and lends itself largely to the nature of the site and the style of home on the site, as well as the desired outcome for the client. If a lot is fairly small or tight, with a formally structured home then a smaller, formally designed pool would be most practical. On a larger, natural, cascading site with a less formal family home, a larger pool wrapping around a rock outcrop may be more appropriate.

Pool Location

There are two schools of thought for pool location. The pool should always be located in a sunny location, capitalizing on the aspect of the site. Most pools would be located close to the home, complementing the levels & finishes for ease of access and to become part of a family lifestyle. On some sites, it may make more sense to locate the pool away from the home, to capitalize on natural elements, aspect or to avoid site constraints.

Water Features

Water features, including water walls and sculptural elements may be included as part of the pool design, or within the landscape setting to enhance the appearance of the pool, and to highlight focal points, frame views from windows or alfresco areas, and complete vistas.

Landscaping & Finishes

A key element of good pool design is the design of the landscape setting. A new pool should sit seamlessly in its surrounds, whether it be formal pool with a structured landscape setting including water features, lighting and natural stone elements, or an informal pool nestled amongst natural native sandstone outcrops and native bushland.

Design Services Offered

  • Pool Concept Designs
  • DA Plans for Council Approval
  • 3D Renders
  • Construction Advice
  • Project Management